The People of Bethlehem

A young boy and girl from their doorstep in Bethlehem in 2007.

The streets of a refugee camp are very tight and built close together.

The homes and streets are literally built around the rocks of the hillside.

What I find the most interesting are usually the people that make up a place. Here is a woman in traditional dress in Bethlehem on the edge of Deheisheh Refugee Camp 2007.

People love to sit outside and chat in the shade during the hot days of summer.

Here the Young and Old of Bethlehem are seen.


South Africa

The Cape Town Harbour.

The Rhino looking Mountain East of Cape Town.

We continued down the Cape further south.

Saw my first “In-the-Wild” Penguins in Simon Town, South Africa.

A Rainbow showing over the vineyards of South Africa.

The very beautiful and iconic view of Cape Town with Table Mountain.